Cue the Bon Jovi Newtown/Southbury/I-84 commuters, because-- Whoa, we're halfway there on the massive Rochambeau Bridge reconstruction along I-84.

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The Connecticut Department of Transportation began the rehab and replacement of the bridges that carry I-84 East and Westbound across the Housatonic River back in June of 2020. The first major phase of the project that impacted commuters was to place both directions of I-84 traffic onto the I-84 Eastbound side, utilizing crossovers built into the median.


Weather-permitting, according to the latest update from, the new Westbound bridge is ready for traffic and will be opened to the public on the overnight tonight (Monday, January 3, 2021).

Work is scheduled to continue on the Westbound side of the bridge this week. The contractors will form, pour, and reinforce the remaining Westbound left parapets, and also begin excavation work for the next stage crossover. In the coming weeks and months ahead, all 4 lanes of I-84 traffic will be diverted onto the new Westbound bridge, with Eastbound I-84 commuters crossing over utilizing the next stage crossover.

This is great news, I've sat in traffic on I-84 East and West through that stretch over the past year on my commute between Waterbury and Brookfield. Some nights, especially if there's an accident in that stretch, traffic has backed up Eastbound all the way to Exit 7-8 in Danbury, and some mornings, Westbound traffic can back up to Exit 16 in Middlebury.

Although we've reached the halfway point, there's still a while to go on the Rochambeau bridge project, it's scheduled to be completed by December 23, 2023.

So, we have another two years of construction to look forward to. Let's pass the time by watching what I think of every time I hear the word "Rochambeau", courtesy of SouthParkClips via YouTube:

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