If you thought you read that headline wrong, think again. These gypsy moths are going to screw up your drive. Here's why.

We've all seen it from time to time. Those massive cocoons high up in the trees built by gypsy moths. Well if you live around the southeast corner of Connecticut, or plan to head to the casinos, Mystic, or points beyond you need to have this info about a pretty significant lane closure

Here's the information I found in a post from the Connecticut Department of Transportation:

Due to a severe infestation of Gypsy Moths the CTDOT is announcing the scheduled removal of significantly damaged and compromised trees on I-95 southbound between Exits 74 and 70 in Old Lyme.

The removal process will take place beginning on Monday, September 25, and will be completed by October 9, 2017, weather permitting.

Drivers can expect a right-lane closure on I-95 southbound between Exit 74 in East Lyme to Exit 70 in Old Lyme. The work schedule for this project is from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. (Monday - Thursday).

Sadly we aren't talking just a few trees. The post says that it's estimated that about 170 trees, mostly of them Oak, are damaged so severely that they won't survive. And nobody needs the threat of any of those trees falling down and injuring anyone, or blocking the highway.

Better safe than sorry. And now that you are forewarned, you can plan accordingly, or at least know what to expect.

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