Esequiel Robles is a 40-year-old man who seems to be a fan of ironic t-shirts with the devil on them. According to The Smoking Gun, Robles was arrested Thursday for drug possession in Williston, North Dakota. At the time of the arrest, he was wearing a shirt that said "Don't do drugs".

Police say they pulled Robles over and ended up searching his car. Authorities allege that Robles had meth in his car and a spoon with meth residue on it. Cops took him into custody and he was booked at the Williams County Jail in North Dakota.

Robles happened to be on probation at the time of the arrest for, wait for it, a methamphetamine possession conviction. Robles is due to appear for a bond hearing later this month but I'll bet he's due to get back to work at Spencer Gifts even sooner.

Mugshot Review:

  • Neck tattoo - check
  • Smile - check
  • T-shirt with the actual crime you've been accused of committing - check
  • Villain hairdo - check

This Robles has it all. If he was single before the arrest, I can't see that lasting long after. Take into account his dashing (filthy) good looks, add his layered sense of humor and factor in his access to drugs (allegedly) and you have got one of People Magazine's Sexiest Men of 2021.

P.S. - Here are some actual drug related t-shirts people are selling right now.

Gnarly Tee's
Gnarly Tee's

This shirt from Gnarly Tee's is great for a night out with friends, followed by a strip search.


This shirt is from Freedom Tees USA and it's a great, casual look. This is just right for the person who wants to be, both arrested for possession and then sued for copyright infringement soon after.

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