According to PJ Media Henry Graber says he logged off Facebook on June 6th with the intention of quitting and the social media giant has been harassing him since. Grabar says he received 17 e-mails in the 9 days following logging off asking him to return.

He claims one of the e-mails came in the middle of the night and asked if he was up. According to the article the message went on to say that a member of his soccer team had just posted some late night content.

This is too much. They have almost the whole world on this site wasting time and fighting with each other and they have to bother Henry in the middle of the night? You should be able to quit these things easily and without them fighting to get you back.

I tried quitting Facebook not long ago and it made doing my media job very difficult. We are so far down the road now with these social media sites that there is almost no going back. I have talked to people who, like me would rather not be on Facebook and they have to for business reasons too.

I'm sure this sounds like a bag of bologna to you right now as you read this ON FACEBOOK but I have had it. What gets accomplished here? To me, it seems like a lot of yelling and screaming at each other with a cat photo and perfectly plated sushi meal mixed in here or there.

If you wanna know why getting away from this thing is a good idea, watch this movie. It scared the pants off of me. Facebook is not the only one either, it's all the sites we use everyday.

If one tenth of what is presented in this documentary is true we are screwed.

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