Gun rights groups throughout the country have decided to support gun manufacturer, Remington, in its defense against liability claims in the Sandy Hook shootings.

According to, the groups that are joining forces with Remington include Connecticut Citizens Defense League, Gun Owners of America, the National Rifle Association, and the National Shooting Sports Foundation. Sandy Hook families have already filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Remington.

Here is what the Newtown based group, the National Shooting Sports Foundation told

The burden of litigating these lawsuits poses a threat to the hunting and shooting sports industry and the constitutionally-protected right of access to firearms to law-abiding citizens.

The lawsuit filed by the Sandy Hook families contends that Remington marketed the assault weapon used in the shootings to civilians, and ignored the risk that it might be misused. One of the arguments used by the various gun groups states that, "The AR-15 style-rifle used in the massacre is not the preferred weapon of mass shootings, as the families make it out to be."

What side of the issue are you on? Should Remington Arms be taken to task for selling the AR-15 which was the weapon used in the Sandy Hook shootings or will Remington's defense claiming that federal law protects the gun industry from liability when criminals use their weapons intentionally? Here's a scary sight.

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