One of my fondest memories as a kid back in the Middle Ages living in Fairport, New York, was getting dropped off at Potter Place and spending the afternoon sledding our faces off, but we'll get back to that a little later.

The snow was always plentiful where I grew up in our small town on the outskirts of Rochester, NY., which is smack dab between Buffalo and Syracuse. We were about 20 minutes south of Lake Ontario so every once in a while, we would get socked with "lake effect" snow, not inches, but feet, and on occasion, two to three feet of the white stuff.

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My wife and I take pure joy in taking our grandkids, Bradley and Winnie, for an afternoon of sledding fun where we discovered how amazingly out of shape we both are, but when you have the opportunity to snap new photos of the kids, you seize the day.

Winter Sledding Fun in Greater Danbury

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