A lot of your favorite 80s classics have been rebooted or remade into not-so-classics. It's the unfortunate state of the movie business. But, today, we get one back. The proposed ‘Gremlins’ remake, that was on the “fast track” as recently as this past April, may be as dead as a Gremlin in a hot tub.

The update comes from writer Seth Grahame-Smith (Tim Burton’s ‘Dark Shadows’) who had been hired in 2013 to work on a script for a remake. It was one of those weird movies that would've lived in between a reboot, remake and sequel, where it would've followed all new characters yet acknowledged the events of the first film(s). But, remake, reboot, sequel or whatever—it's not gonna happen. Says, Grahame-Smith:

I think we just ran out of steam. It’s one of those things where everybody got busy doing other things. It’s something I would love to come back to, but right now Steven’s making two movies back to back and Chris Columbus is busy.

The Steven he's referring to is, of course, Steven Spielberg who produced the original film. If any modern day ‘Gremlins’ was going to happen, it had to happen with Steven Spielberg’s blessing. And, so far, the upcoming ‘Poltergeist’ is the only remake to come from a Spielberg movie. So, even if Warner Bros. was excited about it, and Grahame-Smith had a script he was excited about, all it would've taken was a wave of the hand from The Beard to make it go away.

Luckily, it never even got that far. We can stomach a lot of 80s nostalgia retreads, but we don't think we could stomach CGI Gremlins.

[Via EW]

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