Governor Lamont has just announced that $35 million dollars in state grants have been awarded to nonprofit organizations all across the State of Connecticut, and you should expect a lot of happy recipients in the Greater Danbury area today.

Connecticut's Nonprofit Grant Program was established in 2013, and has awarded over $130 million dollars to Connecticut nonprofits, supporting over 750 projects. Today's awards will help out with 94 projects across the state.

In Greater Danbury, the announced recipients for 2024 are:

  • Bethel - Ability Beyond Disability, who will receive $386,000 to remove and replace the roof on their headquarters.
  • Brookfield - Regional YMCA of Western Connecticut will receive $192,255 for ADA improvements at Camp Greenknoll.
  • Danbury - Danbury Youth Services will receive $43,933 for IT updates, Family & Children's Aid will receive $400,000 for New Milford Behavioral Health improvements and expansion, and Mid-Western Connecticut Council of Alcoholism will receive funds for New Milford Behavioral Health Outpatient Facility improvements
  • Ridgefield - Visiting Nurse Association of Ridgefield will receive $49,770 for a Communications System upgrade

A good portion of the 94 recipients of State Grants released today went to nonprofit organizations in some of Connecticut's larger cities. While three Danbury nonprofits were chosen, five grants were awarded to Bridgeport organizations, Eleven organizations based in Hartford scored a win, and eight organizations based in New Britain were served a slice of sweet Connecticut funding pie.

Connecticut's Non Profit Grant Program was established in 2013 as a way of assisting nonprofit health and human service agencies ensure that their funding goes towards assisting those most in need of their services by supporting capital purchases that enhance service delivery, efficiency, and effectiveness.

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