I'd like to believe that the Mayors in the Greater Danbury area hangout together, meet in secret and maybe even have a bowling team. We asked New Milford Mayor Pete Bass if the mayors bowl together or have secret "Illuminati" style meetings.

Bass responded:

"We don't have one secretly but we do have a thing called WESTCCOG. So what that is, is the Western Council of Governments. So, that's why they have the abbreviation of WESTCCOG. So, that's First Selectman and Mayors from Sherman, New Milford, all the way down to Greenwich. We have meetings and talk about transportation issues, we talk about issues, social issues effecting and you can go to westcog.org and you can see all the information that is provided there. And, we do get a chance to talk but not so much as you know, in a back room. It's more open and more transparent so the public can see what we are doing."

And you thought opening this would be pointless, you're silly. Now you know where to go to find out what our local leadership is talking about when they gather.

Westccog or Western Connecticut Council of Governments is easy to navigate and is loaded with public documents that pertain to your community. You can access:

  • Annual Economic Performance Reports
  • Public Safety Implementation Planning Reports
  • Hazard mitigation plans
  • Transportation program plans and reports

You are welcome, thank you to Mayor Pete Bass of the great town of New Milford for answering my bowling questions and giving answers that actually benefit people.

P.S. We later asked if they have Illuminati style meetings with special handshakes and sacrificial goats. Bass was kind but did not respond to those queries. What the hell, I gave it a shot.

They don't have to have secret meetings or sacrifice goats but would it kill them to have a bowling team? If I ever become Mayor of any of the Greater Danbury area towns, that will be my first order of business, start a Mayors bowling team.

I think I'll call it the Bowling Stones.

You can hear the Mayor answer our dumb questions below:

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