Our world is still thankfully inhabited by people that think of others and act accordingly. Two women in Connecticut are alive because of the goodness of just such people.

You've heard the stories numerous times of Good Samaritans being injured, or worse, when they've selflessly helped someone. Thank god our world is still filled with people who care enough to throw caution to the wind when they see others in need.

My heart just surged with pride when I read this story from NBCconnecticut.com, about good Samaritans being credited with saving two women who were trapped inside a burning car in Milford Connecticut over the weekend. Thankfully, the driver was able to escape, and also thankfully, there were these men who were willing to do whatever it took to pull the other women to safety. Then the men disappeared.

One of the rescuers, Bill DeCarlo, however, took to his Facebook page to seek out the others. So far, he's only found one of them, Chad Fisher. Hopefully his post will work


Regardless of the outcome of Bill's search, a round of applause is in order for the thoughtfulness of all four men.

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