According to TigerDroppings a drunk fan disrupted play at the Farmer's Insurance open over the weekend at Torrey Pines.

Amen brutha! This is the kind of anarchy I can get behind. Let the rest of the world fight over politics. I'm all about disturbing the world of golf in any way possible. There are few things I hate more than golf.

For starters, golf is not a sport. Anything you can easily play into your eighties is not a sport. Sure, it's hard but a sport, it is not. It's a game of skill. I will give you that and that is all you get. It's an exclusionary game. It's all about letting in members. It's a members only club. It's for the rich, it's for the elite and it stinks. If you want to see what a hateful, closed off community golf is just put on a pair of jeans and a Metallica t-shirt. Then roll up to your local members only golf club and try and get a tee time. Not only will you be bounced from the property but I can almost guarantee they will hurl insults at you.

I worked at a private golf course in Westchester, NY as a teenager. I was a caddy or as I like to refer to it, I was a mule. You carry a guys bag all day in the heat while he spends his day blaming his terrible golf game on you. Then you get to listen to your foursome brag and lie all day about their finances and sexual conquests.

I say tear it down, brick by brick. Every golf institution. I need a like minded, rich guy to finance my rebellion against golf. We will buy up all the golf properties in the country and turn them into Chuck E. Cheeses. REVOLUTION.

Or we just need the sport to be overrun by John Daly's and Happy Gilmore's.

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