Maybe it's the colorful outfits, or the clever counter-advertising, but I've noticed that Brooke Goff and Goff Law Group has sneakily taken over all forms of advertising here in Connecticut.

My wife was the first person to make me notice Brooke Goff's Goff Law advertisements on television. It was the stark contrast of the colorful outfits Goff vs the stiffness of say, a Mark E. Salamone & Morelli spot. Two providers, but night and day messages, Goff Law made us notice. Most of the major Connecticut law firms brand themselves with their offer of assistance in the darkest moment of your lives - Injured due to an accident, corporate crimes, etc. One Goff Law ad in particular made my wife and I sit up and clap - This motorcycle ad -

We thought it was brilliant, how many times have you seen an advertisement from a local attorney gingerly kicking their leg over a friend's borrowed Honda Gold Wing? You sigh to yourself, knowing that they've never been on one, right? Me too. Humorous counter-advertising will make me pay attention every-single-time. Make me laugh, instead of inspiring a moment of fear, and I will remember you. Isn't that the point of any ad?

Since we became Goff Law devotees after seeing that motorcycle ad, we've paid attention to every billboard, radio, and tv ad that Goff puts out there. What made me think of writing this today was this sequence of events - I passed three Goff Law billboards on the way in from Torrington to Brookfield this morning.

I'm looking forward to the Clever Advertising War of the Summer of 2024 between the big law firms of Connecticut.

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