Local residents who live around Martino's Pizza and Deli on Great Plain Road in Danbury have banned together to try and help after a car crashed through the building early Sunday morning.

If you know the area where Martino's Pizza and Deli is located, then you know that once you get to the intersection on Great Plain Road, you have to either turn right or turn left. Going straight is not an option, but that's just what a driver did early Sunday morning.

According to patch.com, the driver of a car feel asleep at the wheel and smashed right through the front of Martino's, causing major damage to the building.

Now residents and neighbors have set up a Go-Fund-Me page to help get the family owned business the funds they need to rebuild.

Owner Marcos Aguilar took to Facebook Sunday to let customers know he and his family were safe:

They also posted this video showing the extent of the damage:

The driver of the car that smashed through the store front was charged with failing to obey a stop sign and evading responsibility. He was released on a $100 bond and is due in Danbury superior court on Oct. 18.


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