My family and I went to Mecha Noodle Bar on Sunday for my son's birthday. It is awesome, by the way.

I sat down and found a real mini packet of baby wipes at my seat and every other seat at the table and BRAVO to them for doing that.

The only other places that's I've ever gotten a sanitary wipe have been wing bars and that's not enough. There are other messy foods, and people with kids always need them -- they are very handy.

My friends, family and co-workers all make fun of me because I travel with baby wipes everywhere I go. The fact is, I'm clean, and if you are not carrying them, you are not. There are nothing but funky surfaces everywhere we go. Not carrying baby wipes is like saying, "Ah, I trust that everyone else is clean." Big Mistake.

This needs to go wide. I'd like to see complimentary baby wipes provided at all businesses of all shapes and sizes going forward. In fact, when I am done writing this, I am going to start drafting baby wipe legislation.

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