Just when you think the internet has run out of truly funny videos a hot girl twerks on a guy and sends him tumbling through the Earth's crust.

It's the surprise of it all that makes this so good. When this guy left the house that day wearing cammo cargo shorts, a cammo T-shirt and tube socks he could have never imagined that this was a possibility.

Here she thinks she is doing him a favor and yet he does not seem pleased. He was minding his own business and the next thing you know he is covered in mulch wondering what the hell happened.

This is Tyson v. Spinks all over again. He should have never tried to get up.

I love when twerking or "sexy dancing" goes wrong.

Call the Fire Department, this one's outta control! The twerk is as famous for it's fails as it is for it's successes and it makes me wonder if it's even worth it. You have some violent maneuvers that can end with you covered in shame and top soil at best or engulfed in flames at worst. #banthetwerk

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