I am a Danbury resident that loves the Hat City.

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To me, there is nothing better than a gift that celebrates Danbury history but there are not many out there. There are a handful of books about Danbury history and I own most of them already. The one thing I do not have that I'd love to own is this Danbury board game.

The game is called "Danbury-Opoly" and the concept is simple, it is Monopoly with Danbury locations and themes.

Photo: Lou Milano
Photo: Lou Milano

The only thing I wonder about and haven't gotten to the bottom of yet is the game pieces. What are they? What could they be? You know you are going to have a top hat which fits the city's history and the game but what else?

Maybe a police officer's hat as a nod to "The Ridge?" A traffic light for Federal Road or an "out of business" sign for Main Street? It will be interesting to see how they did that.

I am rating this a 110 out of 100 on the Milano scale of Christmas gifts.

I am aware that these board games exist in other towns and cities, this brilliant idea is everywhere. For example, If you lived in Des Moines, Iowa the game would be called "Des Moines-Opoly" which is a mouthful.

If you find that your city or town does not have its own Opoly-Game, you can have one made. I went to learn more about the process on the Opoly-Games website and this is what you need to know:

How it Works

Our board uses an easy template to customize a game for your city or town. You have the option to design your own board, or we’ll help organize your photos into a stylish, appealing board design for you at no extra cost! If you have ideas about the game name, pictures you would like on the box/board top or any suggestions you can let us know and we will do our best to turn your ideas into reality!

Steps to Take to Get Your City on the Map

Step 1 - Your organization decides to start a fundraiser using Opoly Games to create a one of a kind custom Townopoly board game featuring local businesses and landmarks from your own town!

Step 2 - Your group begins by presenting & selling the idea to local businesses and if they are interested, gather all their advertising graphics and anything they want to show in their ad spot. This can include logos, phone numbers, website URLs & more.

Step 3 - After gathering the advertising information from local businesses, you upload them to us and we begin designing your custom Townopoly board game.

Step 4 - Once we finish designing your Townopoly game we will send you proofs and once they are approved we begin printing, assembling, & boxing your game to send to you!

Step 5 - You receive your custom Townopoly board games and start selling them at 100% profit to raise funds for your cause!

Check the website for additional information on how the fundraising works.

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P.S. This article is not an effort to get someone to buy me this gift. While I love this game I don't do well receiving gifts, it makes me really uncomfortable. If you want to do me a favor, you can buy the game as a gift for a family member and say I recommended it.

P.S. #2 I looked around a little and there is no Bethel, Brookfield of New Milford version of this game so it might be time to get those going.

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