Giants ownership has a reputation for being intolerant of circus behavior from it's players. I thought they would have spoken up sooner on OBJ's loud mouth but the comments were worth the wait from John Mara.


That's tough talk from a guy like Mara. He's a buttoned up, professional type who says the right thing all the time so for him this is really giving it to Odell. Yep, he was giving him the business.

I have no problem with John Mara's comments on OBJ here. He refuses to shut up and to top it off, he has yet to really do anything this year. Not to mention he threw his QB under the bus. He's not a team guy who plays a team sport. Somewhere Mike Singletary is smiling cause he knows "You cannot play with him, Cannot win with him."

I think it's OK to pop off at the mouth if you do it at the other team, just have your your teams back. I think over the top touchdown celebrations are OK, you just gotta score Touchdown's.

Hey Odell, "I'd like to be pimps from Oakland or Cowboys from Arizona but it's not Halloween. Grow up Peter Pan."





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