Geddy Lee is busy promoting his just-published tribute to his instrument, Geddy Lee's Big Beautiful Book of Bass.

After that, the Rush bassist revealed in a new interview, he expects to rededicate himself to music. But he has no idea what he's going to do or a set time frame for any release date.

"I go down to my studio, which I do, and I play these bass guitars because I have quite a few of them and they're fun to play," he told Prog (via Cygnus-X1). "I like to keep my fingers in shape. When I play, ideas come out, so I record them and then I forget about them. When I go back to them, I'm sure half of them will be shit and I'll erase them. But I fully intend to go down one day and see what I've gathered down there. Once I've finished promoting this book, I do hope to become a musician again! But I have no idea what form that will take. I have no plans and I don't know where I'm headed."

Lee also spoke more about the book, which comes out today. It features 408 pages dedicated to the bass, with lots of pictures of the instrument throughout the years and interviews with such notable musicians as Led Zeppelin's John Paul Jones, Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones and U2's Adam Clayton. Lee said that he enjoyed getting to learn the stories that come along with the basses.

"Part of the beauty of doing the book and having this collection is that you have all the amazing stories that go along with these instruments, and I think they're interesting," he said. "Other people may not. I think it's nice when you get an instrument that someone has played for 40 years and he has made a life with that instrument. That's a story. So to me, these basses represent the artfulness of the middle of the 20th century. They represent the people that made a living playing them and using them. And that to me is pretty cool."

Even though Lee doesn't have any concrete musical plans, his Rush bandmate Alex Lifeson does. Last month, the guitarist said he's collaborating with drummer Marco Minnemann on a new project, but no release date has been announced yet.



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