If you watch enough baseball, especially early in the season you will hear the commentators talk a lot about the weather. This is especially true of ex-players in "the booth." They talk about how you loosen up in the warmer weather, how the warm weather helps the ball pop off the bat and how the cold is just not conducive to baseball.

This year, because of the bitter cold, I think I heard this weather talk more than any other year. I, like you have sat around waiting for warmer temps for a lot of reasons but one is to see who this will be true for.

Sadly, the warmer weather has not done a thing for Giancarlo Stanton but Gary Sanchez seems to just flat out play better when the temperatures are higher. I said it before the season and I am going to stick with the prediction. I think this year, Gary Sanchez has more Home Runs than anyone in this star studded lineup.

Now if we can just get the temperature over 100, maybe he will go off for 4 "dinger's" in one game.


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