Are you wondering what happened to Jon Snow at the end of Game Of Thrones? Apparently, he's alive and well and was just spotted in Connecticut.

No one knew going into Sunday night's series finale of one of the most popular shows in recent memory what was going to happen to the Jon Snow character -- would he become king, or maybe a prince, or would he die?

We won't spoil the show for you, but he must have gotten sidetracked at some point on his journey, because he was spotted Sunday (May 19) at a bookstore in Madison, Connecticut.

OK, so it wasn't actually Jon Snow, but the English actor who played him on the hit HBO series. According to NBC Connecticut, Kit Harington, was reportedly seen shopping for books at R.J. Julia Booksellers in Madison.

So just why was he there? Harrington told the staff of the bookstore that he was on vacation in the Connecticut town.

Harington's big break came in 2011 when he joined the cast of Game of Thrones. He's been nominated for a Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Jon Snow. In 2016, Harington was nominated for a Prime Time Emmy Award for the same role.

By the way, according to the Hollywood Reporter, the Game of Thrones series finale broke cable television records, with 19.3 million viewers tuning in to see who would sit on the Iron Throne.

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