You never know who you might see at the JHouse in Greenwich, where it's not uncommon to spot a celeb or two.

It should come as no surprise that Connecticut is a magnet for all kinds of celebrities, from sports to movie stars to political pundits. Tony Capasso is the ringleader at the house, where he manages the Italian steakhouse.

Jeanine Pirro and Lara Trump were recently seen chatting over dinner, and a couple of tables down was Linda McMahon. Tony told News Times that it's really no big deal when a celeb walks into the restaurant because it happens so often.

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If you've lived in Connecticut for over five years, I have to believe you might have seen or met a popular TV or movie star. I remember the time I saw Daryl Hall at the meat counter in the New Fairfield Food Center.

I'm not comfortable approaching notable celebrities. What I do as I'm walking by, I'll say, "Hey Daryl, I love your work", and then I keep walking, usually down the soup aisle. Lou and I ran into former Eagle's member Don Felder backstage at the Ridgefield Playhouse.

Ethan, Don Felder, and Lou
Ethan, Don Felder, and Lou

At first, it was a bit awkward because nobody said a word at first. So I spoke up and said, "Hey Lou, look, it's Don Felder. Hey Don, would you mind taking a photo with Lou and me?" Some brilliant repartee on my part.

Other stars who have been seen at JHouse in Greenwich, according to the article, includes Yankees manager Aaron Boone, Justin Bieber, Caitlynn Jenner, Kathy Lee, David Letterman, and hockey great Mark Messier, to name a few.

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