I need to stop streaming 60 Days In because I'm thinking way too much about how to avoid jail time.

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This has gone beyond just thinking about it, now I've been researching odd things that are illegal here in Connecticut.

Breaking Down the Law: 7 Unexpected Activities Prohibited in Connecticut

Connecticut has a national reputation for being stuffy and you may think that extends to our laws but after compiling this list I'm pretty sure we are getting some things right. This is a list of some of the oddest things it's illegal to do in the Nutmeg State. 

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

I'm all for freedom but there are things we simply should not be doing. I think it is fair to ask the public to not sell their eyes, carry swords in public and own tigers. But let's take these one at a time:

Selling Eyes - Bat S--- crazy, unreasonable, gross, careless, uncalled for.

Selling Beer - Who cares? This is America, buying and selling booze is what we're all about.

Feeding Pigs Garbage - If pigs are so willing to eat garbage then they deserve to be fed garbage. But this is coming from someone who is a pig novice, I would certainly be comfortable being called a swine "newb."

Cycling over 65 mph - No one can do this, pointless law, do better things with your time.

Walking Across the Street on Your Hands - Stupid human tricks are awesome, if you have this gift you should be able to show it off but within reason. We don't have to perform on every square inch of Earth. It's like the people who dance on the subway, this is not the venue. If you're any good "they" will give you a show in a theater and people will pay to come see you.

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Owning a Tiger - No. Stop. People who are not formally educated on caring for animals should have little to no interaction with them. I don't like the circus, I don't care for zoos, just let the animals run free. I root for animals to attack humans when the humans remove them from their proper environment.

Carrying a Sword in Public - I am a sword owner and I'm here to tell you that I don't want or need the freedom to carry said sword in public. If you see me carrying my sword down the street, many things went wrong on a global level.

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