A Connecticut community is desperately searching for their missing donkey.

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The donkey's name is Jackie and it went missing from Hickory Lane in Bethlehem, CT last week. This is a statement that was released by Bethlehem Animal Control on Saturday:

"Desmond’s Army Animal Law Advocates is offering a $3,000 reward for information leading to the positive identification of the finder and recovery of Jackie the donkey who is still missing. The owner is asking that if you do have her to please bring her home or bring her somewhere safe and alert animal control so that we can coordinate her being picked up. You will be asked to provide your name and contact information." 

They are asking anyone who has seen Jackie to call (203) 233-1137.

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Have you seen this donkey?

Bethlehem Animal Control
Bethlehem Animal Control

Basically, if you see a donkey where a donkey should not be, your alarm bells should go off. If you see a donkey on Metro-North, pick up the phone. If you encounter a donkey reading the funny papers, make the call. If you see a donkey in the returns line at Home Depot, phone it in. Otherwise I don't know how we will find Jackie, donkeys all look the same.

APOLOGY: I'm sorry to any donkeys I may have offended in my earlier statement. I meant no harm when categorizing donkeys as all the "same." My comments were uncalled for but I had no intention of harming the donkey community with my remarks.  A Connecticut community is desperately searching for their missing donkey.

Seriously people let's get this fixed, Jackie is a mom who has been separated from her son.

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2 Fun Donkey Fact from Tree Hugger:

Donkeys' Large Ears Help Them Stay Cool

Wild asses such as donkeys evolved in arid locations in Africa and Asia, where most herds tend to be more spread out. The large ears help heighten a donkey's sense of hearing, so it can pick up the calls of herd mates — and predators — from miles away. Another use for the donkey's long ears is heat dissipation. The larger surface area helps the donkey expel its internal heat at a high rate to stay cool in the hot desert environments.

They Are Highly Social

Donkeys are social animals that don't like to be alone. They evolved as herd animals and form deep, lifelong bonds with other donkeys or animals with whom they share a pasture.

Close bonds between two donkeys are called pair bonds, and there is also research to prove their legitimacy.5 Separating a pair has negative effects on the donkeys that include stress, pining behavior, and loss of appetite.

This is why for those interested in owning a donkey, it's commonly advised to bring home two, or at least place your donkey with potential friends such as a horse.

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