Frank Caliendo is an American comedy institution. He's not just some impressionist who says a name, does the impression, and then repeats. Frank weaves his amazing impressions into stories that are funny in the own right.

This morning, we had Frank on the Ethan and Lou Show ahead of the his April 28 Show at the Ridgefield Playhouse. In the process, he told an all-time classic Charles Barkley story. Here's how that went:

Frank is dead on about Sir Charles. The Dude does not apologize. Instead, he doubles down and seems to get away with it almost every time. You have to respect that in this day and age, because it's rare.

Catch Frank Caliendo at the Ridgefield Playhouse Sunday, April 28, with the show kicking off at 8:30 PM. Tickets for the show are $72 and you have to get them now -- it's very near sold out. You can listen to Frank's podcast "Al & Frank Try to Be Serious" available on iTunes and wherever else you consume podcasts. His website is also chock full of Frank classics:

P.S. - You just got a portion of the interview we did with Frank. Being that I am a huge Oakland Raiders fan, I spent far too much time setting him up for his Jon Gruden impression. This is impression is too good for you to JUST hear it. I want you to see it. Check it:

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