Joe Biden's office has addressed the accusations of a Connecticut woman who accused him of inappropriate behavior.

The accuser, Amy Lappos, who once worked for Rep. Jim Himes in 2009, claims that Biden touched and sniffed her inappropriately during a fundraiser. The CT Post reported that Biden has responded to Lappos through his office.

Biden's spokesman has released favorable comments from more than 20 women who called Biden a "good, decent man." This is what former national security advisor, Susan Rice had to say:

I have worked closely with Joe Biden for many years. In my experience, he is warm and affectionate with women (and men). But never have I found his actions inappropriate or uncomfortable. I have always appreciated his kindness and warmth.

Biden's "touchy-feely-folksy" style is going to translate differently, depending on the feelings and personality of the woman. A woman has every right to speak up if she feels violated or uncomfortable by a man who she thinks is invading her space. I think she has every right to feel that way, but instead of bringing it up weeks, months, or even years later, I think she should make her feelings known immediately. Nancy Pelosi sums it up just right by saying:

He has to understand in the world that we're in now that people's space is important to them, and what's important is how they receive it and not necessarily how you intended it.

I also don't think that his actions should be a deal breaker if he makes the decision to run for president, but sadly I think it just might.

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