On Thursday (3/18/21) Eversource announced it was planning to conduct tree trimming along around 4,000 miles of electric lines according to the News Times. This came up in conversation when Former Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton was on the Ethan and Lou Show Friday (3/19/21).

Lou Milano brought it up to CT's Tax Commissioner and former Danbury Mayor Boughton saying:

"Eversource this morning makes an announcement that they are going to be doing some tree maintenance. And, what I see here is a company that wants a round of applause every single time they do anything that they are supposed to do, they look for us to go, yeah well done.

Is it or is it not true that when we had that last storm that whacked out all of our power, we focused our attention on this company and we learned that they had cut back their tree maintenance budget. Do you have any idea where we are with that now? Are they living up to their maintenance agreement with us, or is there one?"

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Boughton replied:

"Well there really isn't any kind of maintenance agreement, right? They are their power lines, they are supposed to maintain them, they are supposed to clear the trees, we shouldn't be applauding them for doing what you pay top dollar for them to do.

But here is the worst part, the worst part is they'll clear the trees and then they'll come back and ask for a rate increase. So, you had to pay for clearing the trees to begin with because they won't dig into their billion dollar profit and their CEO won't give up his $16 million a year.

So I think at the end of the day, the system that we currently have is an absolute ripoff, total disaster and Eversource is probably one of the most incompetent companies that you possibly could pay for this. Unfortunately, they do have a monopoly, so we're stuck, you have to pay them for electricity but we all know how they perform."

You can hear the entire Eversource segment from the Ethan and Lou Show with Mark Boughton below. 

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