Each year, we pass along a ton of studies conducted to find the best and worst in each state, in every category imaginable. We list the best pizza, the best beaches, the best grocery stores and even the best states for remote workers.

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There is a new study out that had me making a cringey face before I read the results. Forbes put out their list of the Worst Driving States in America and for a split-second I was sure we'd be #1 in the worst way possible. We ended up with a very safe score.

Here are the Top 5 Worst States in America

1. New Mexico - Scored 100 out of 100 (That is bad)

2. Wyoming - Scored 96.62 out of 100

3. Texas - Scored 95.12 out of 100

4. Oklahoma - Scored 92.86 out of 100

5. Montanta - Scored 92.10 out of 100

We dodged that bullet, so where did we rank? Connecticut was named the 48th worst driving state in America. I'm no math expert but I think that means if you flip it, we're the third best driving state in the country. We did it everyone! We're number 3!

More on CT's Study Performance

    • Six of the top 10 states with the best drivers are in the Northeast, including Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island.
    • Connecticut scored a 10.14 out of 100, meaning we had just over 10 fatal accidents per 100,000 licensed drivers.
    • For drunk driving we scored a 4.22 which is the number of drunk drivers per 100,000 licensed drivers involved in a fatal car wreck.

How did our New York Neighbors Do?

  • They were ranked the 47th worst driving state in America AKA, the 4th best.
  • They scored 8.1 for fatal accidents
  • They scored 2.5 for fatal drunk-driving accidents.

Someone from Forbes needs to go down to Main Street Danbury and take a quick look at the day-to-day driving that goes on there before they present their final answer. I'm going to have to move or get a helicopter to survive.


A Forbes advisor used data from AAA and the NHTSA to come to these conclusions.They weighed categories like fatal accidents, fatal drunk-driving accidents, number of DUI arrests and number of drivers who looked at their phone per mile. There were more categories which you can see here.

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