As the weeks and months of the Coronavirus pandemic pass by, little slices of our former lives are resurfacing. It seems apparent that the Fall harvest festivals and events that we were hoping would come about, are not gonna happen this year. One event location has found a way to keep our fair food lust satisfied, though, and it's the Bethlehem Fairgrounds on Rt. 61 in Bethlehem. Earlier this summer in July, the Fairgrounds hosted a successful drive-thru food truck event, and they just announced that they're going to pull off a similar event on September 12-13, 2020.

The last Bethlehem drive-thru food truck event in July had a decent variety of food choices from the Big Kahuna, Low and Slow, Johnny Potato, Chicken Shack, Deb's Cafe, Ultimate Sundae, and Dad's Lemonade Food Trucks, among a few more. The September 2020 trucks haven't been announced yet, but they have announced how the events will play out.

All customers will drive into the event, and must remain in their vehicles through the ordering process. You will be given a disposable menu, where you will be able to make your food choices. The only forms of payment that will be accepted are credit card, debit card, or Apple Pay, no cash. Once you have paid for your order, a runner will gather up your food and deliver it to you in your vehicle. Once you have your food, you can pull into the massive parking area of the Fairgrounds, where you can feel free to picnic or tailgate in designated area of the field. The participants and menus were announced just prior to the July event, and I'm expecting the same for this upcoming event in September. Keep an eye on the Bethlehem Fair Facebook page for more info as it becomes available.

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