According to clickorlando, Jonathan Moist is in trouble with the law after police say he allegedly used a hidden camera to film women showering in his home. The 46-year-old Moist was arrested on April 18th and charged with felonious video voyeurism.

Authorities claim that the man's niece and her friend discovered the camera while they were guests in his home. The two women then reportedly removed the camera, brought it to the mother of one of the women and it was at this time that they alerted the Brevard County Sheriff's Office.

Jonathan Moist was released after posting $2,000 bond, but not before telling police he did not know the camera was there, according to the police. Deputies state that they believe other videos were captured, viewed and deleted by Moist with the same device.

If Jonathan Moist of Titusville Florida did this, he should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and locked away, only to be beaten on a regular basis -- that's just my personal opinion. I must wonder aloud: if your name is Moist and you live in Florida, are you GOING to be an alleged sex criminal no matter what? Is it your destiny?

I would never excuse a crime of this nature, and I'd never say a person who allegedly committed a crime like this did not have a choice. I do think it's necessary to ask the question though. Could a person, living in Florida (Florida, you say?) live a righteous, sex-crime free life? Could anyone with the last name Moist live out a checker free existence, running an Orange Julius and donating his free time at a soup kitchen?

SUB QUESTION - Does Florida have soup kitchens? It seems a bit warm for soup, no? I mean, yes, feed the needy, but can we get food of an appropriate temperature for such an imposing climate? Food for thought. Soup for thought. Meditate on it.

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