According to WTSP out of Florida (Florida, you say?) three women were arrested Wednesday on multiple charges in Pasco County. Police say they received multiple tips alleging three women were nude and applying suntan lotion at a local rest stop. Police descended on the scene and say one of the women tried to run them over with a car and another attacked them with a baseball bat.

The three women in question were Oasis Mcleod, 18, Jeniyah Mcleod, 19, and Cecilia Young, 19. They face charges including fleeing to elude, three counts of resisting arrest, two counts of aggravated assault and three counts of lewd behavior.

I'll tell ya, I miss everything that's awesome. I don't have FOMO (Fear of missing out) because I don't let it bother me anymore. This has been going on for years. Anytime someone says, "Did you see what happened last night?" The answer is no but I know I'm in for a good story.

Florida, You say? Florida, because of reasons. I once asked a cop in Florida why they have so many weird crimes and that person told me, "criminals love the warm weather too. Everyone moves here, so we get all kinds." This makes good sense.

Another time, while living in Florida, I asked a criminal what life was about. He responded by saying, "It takes time to make time." These words have haunted my brain for years because I think he may be onto something, I'm just not sure what that is.


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