Florida residents speak out against mandatory masks and their arguments are top notch, not at all flawed and certainly not weird.

Here is a lady who I'd love to see where a mask and panties but she's not interested in wearing either.

Now, the extended cut of the lady yelling about the God and the Devil with a side dish of some more off the wall characters.

I'm a big fan of "Karen's" who like to educate all of us sheep on how we are being brainwashed by the government through the TV. I particularly love when they read their speech about the brainwashing directly from the mini TV they have in their pocket.

And now to the "Mad Dog" of Port St. Lucie Florida, take it away "Mad Dog."

I'm glad someone did a "Parks & Rec" mashup or I was going to do it myself. This saved me a ton of work.

You give me a little crazy and mash it up with anger/outrage and I can feast all day. I'm so full but I gotta eat more. I've watched each of these videos ten times but they are just so delicious. This is the civilian version of Tom Cruise "educating" Matt Lauer on therapy which is an all time classic.

Haha! Tom Cruise at Matt Lauer:

You don't know and I do!

Haha! Tom Cruise at Matt Lauer:

Look if I don't know about something I go an find out because I don't talk about something I don't understand.

Haha! Tom Cruise at Matt Lauer:

Here's the problem, you don't know the history of psychiatry, I do.

Love it all, Tom Cruise is a walking/talking State of Florida. Florida, you say!? Watching that back after all these years is chilling. Matt Lauer and Tom Cruise arguing about psychiatry looks a lot like a Facebook debate between an I-95 listener and I.

In additional Florida news, Winter Haven Police arrest woman who called 911 four times for a ride.

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