If you were psyched about the possibility of moving into an apartment at the Danbury Fair Mall, don't begin packing just yet.

According to Hearst Connecticut Media, city leaders are worried about recent recurrent flooding at Danbury Fair. Rewind to March 2014 when Backus Avenue between Danbury Fair and the Shops at Marcus Dairy was blocked off, and traffic was being rerouted through a parking lot on Sunday afternoon due to flooding.

In October, I wrote an article titled "Danbury Fair Mall Gets Zoning Approval to Add Apartments." Approval was given to allow the building of 200 apartments inside the 75,000 square feet of space that Lord & Taylor once occupied. The 37-year-old Danbury Fair is still one of Connecticut's most successful malls, and to pave the way for Danbury Fair's future, it needs to evolve into a "24-hour environment," according to the 12-page rezoning request.

The issue here is if you live in one of the proposed apartments, and there's flooding in the area where your car is parked, you shouldn't have to do the backstroke to get access to your vehicle. Danbury's Zoning Commission was told that the mall will continue to work with the city to solve the flooding problems.

Think positive! There are some health advantages should you need to swim to your car to get to work! This would be a perfect time to implement that exercise program you've been putting off for the last ten years. During those hot, lazy, hazy days of summer, a quick dip and short swim to your vehicle would instantly cool you off. Just make sure you plan accordingly by having a beach towel and a change of clothes already in your car. Sorry, just trying to help.

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