It's just about the three year anniversary that a Joe Rogan video compilation lit up Youtube.

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The snippets collected to make the video all contained clips of Joe Rogan professing hatred for CT in a variety of clever ways. I love CT but I love comedy more so I'll choose the comedians side on these things every time. I believe in regional pride but I won't sacrifice a laugh to defend the good name of the place I live, especially when some of the comedic criticism is dead nuts.

In the video Rogan says the following:

"Connecticut is a f---- strange state. You got people around the edges that are near Boston or near New York that are cool. They're kind of like, uh I didn't want to live in the city, I want a yard so I got to Connecticut. Then you got those F------ deep weirdos."

In a different clip he says:

"There is something depressing about Connecticut, where like Connecticut always feels like there is no hope."

And in my favorite moment Rogan says:

"I think there is some resilience living in Connecticut too. Cold, it's weird and plus it's not really a state. Connecticut is like a highway between New York and Boston."

One day we will get to the bottom of it, Rogan will write a memoir and talk about how he was done dirty by a woman from Weston or he had his wallet stolen at a comedy club in Hartford.

The truth will come out, I have grudges against actual places just like Joe's that make almost no sense. I pick apart these places because one or more deliciously terrible things happened to me there.

After something bad happens to you in a state you aren't from, it's real easy to form a narrative against that place. Every state has a ton of problems, all you need to do is spend five minutes finding out what they are and you construct your case against it.

This is a little like my anger, mistrust and distaste for Florida except my whole case is air tight, check the Florida pros/cons list:


  • Warm
  • Miami
  • Key West


  • Refuses to develop any kind of predictable political identity
  • Bugs the size of birds
  • Grass that feels like Brillo pads
  • Actual f----- dinosaurs
  • Dangerous snakes that are actually native to Asia, and yet they are there
  • A-Rod lives there
  • You can't get a sausage egg and cheese to save your life
  • People who live there are constantly sending temperature reminders to their friends up North. Hey, if you are having such a great time, go enjoy your life and quit asking us how cold it is here.
  • Red tide
  • Weird grocery stores (Piss of Publix)
  • Orlando
  • Tom Brady and.......
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That's right Aaron Carter was born in Tampa, Florida. Find me someone who sucks more and I'll give you a dollar. I'll never have to fork that dollar over, ever cause this is the bottom.

Question - How sucky does a person have to be to suck worse than Nick Carter?

Answer - Be Aaron Carter

What were we talking about? Oh yeah, Rogan hates CT, funny stuff.

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