It's that time of year where pumpkins become a pretty important topic with many people in Connecticut.

You know how it goes, you go out with the family, pick the perfect pumpkin or two, and bring it home to add a little festive décor around your home.

You're probably also going to carve that pumpkin, but this is where the questions come into play.

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Now you don't want to carve it too early, and you want the pumpkin to last until at least Halloween. So what's the best thing to do?

Looks like most people turn to an online search for all their pumpkin questions. Thanks to, check out how this graph starts to spike as you get closer and closer to October 31. A good reason for the sudden interest in pumpkins is because the pumpkin patches are now open at most of the farms and garden centers, and a lot of people already have grabbed a few of their Halloween pumpkins and want to know how to make it last for the next month.

It really is a tricky situation, you have these great pumpkins, the weather is still on the warm side, especially during the day, and you don't want a mushy rotting pumpkin on your front steps as part of your display a week or so before Halloween.

Also people have concerns on how long a pumpkin will last once it's carved - now that's a whole other dilemma. Do I carve it early? Do I wait to Halloween? What's a pumpkin owner to do?

So here's what most people are googling and the most frequent asked pumpkin questions so far, followed by the Google Trends online answer:

  • Question: How can I make pumpkins last longer outside?
  • Ans: Put them in a dry, shady spot, and don't carve them until closer to Halloween.
  • Question: Where can I get pumpkins near me?
  • Ans: A lot of grocery stores have them, so do family farms and garden centers

Check out this handy guide on where to find the best pumpkins in Greater Danbury.

  • Question: How long do uncut pumpkins last?
  • Ans: Uncarved pumpkins can last two to three months before they start to rot.
  • Question: How long do carved pumpkins last?
  • Ans: Once you carve a pumpkin it's life span is only five to ten days.
  • Question: Is a pumpkin a fruit or a vegetable?
  • Ans: They're technically a fruit, because they are a seed plant. Vegetables are the other parts of a plant that don't have seeds, like leaves, stems, roots, and flowers.

So I hope this helps you to get a better idea on how to your pumpkin looking great from now until Halloween, and even beyond that.

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