It figures Mother Nature would show her amazing powers on the days leading up to Mother's Day.

A photo of a fire and tornado happening at exactly the same time was taken in the city of Chillicothe, Missouri recently and it quickly went viral this week. Janae Copelin took the photo then posted it to her Instagram account.

She wrote, "Had such a wonderful weekend, but this had to be the coolest/scariest thing I've ever seen. A farmer burning off his field and as we stopped so I could take a picture the wind whipped up this fire twister."

There were no reported injuries thankfully. After the video of a local t.v. station's coverage of the photo went up on YouTube, one post from someone going by the name of dragontyron wrote the following, "Now put sharks in it." He is, if you aren't aware, referring to the so-bad-it's-good SyFy T.V. movie Sharknado. Hilarious.

While unusual, firenados aren't unheard of. Back in 2012, Chris Tangey, an Australian filmmaker, captured footage of a firenado while scouting locations. He then shared the clips with ABC News. Tangey remarked that it sounded like a "jet engine."


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