Grip your foil and get ready to thrust, feint, and lunge!

According to an article in the Ridgefield Press, the sport of Fencing will be introduced to interested Ridgefield High School students in the coming months.

What purpose and/or benefit does fencing offer high school students? According to the website,, fencing can provide a variety of benefits to teens including strength conditioning and an aerobic workout.

Fencing can also build a teen's confidence and social skills along with providing a physical and mental challenge and it's perfect as a stress reliever. Fencing is not a duel to the death. Swords are called 'foils' and are not weapons because they contain no sharp edges or points.

'Way of the Sword' is a nationally sanctioned fencing academy located at 21 Governor St. in Ridgefield where students and adults learn and practice various fencing skills. The academy's owner, Michael Martin will be Ridgefield High's new fencing club coach.



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