This makes perfect sense to me that Joaquin Phoenix is the new "Joker." DC could sure use a comeback story and I think we at least know the acting is in good hands.

I'm OK telling you I have comic book fatigue. When we are all the way down to Ant Man & The Wasp I have about had it. However, if this Joker thing works out with Joaquin Phoenix the way I think it will, I can get up the energy I will need to geek out.

Joaquin is one of those guys who can flat out act, he also seems a little unhinged as a person so the "Joker" should be a slam dunk for him. On top of that Martin Scorsese producing, Todd Phillips directing add a little Robert Duvall in the mix and we have top level people all around here.

I don't think anyone ever tops Heath Ledger but if you are gonna tell the story again and again, let's keep it respectable and this casting is A O.K. with me.

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