It takes an Earth shattering emergency to get me to use a public restroom and when I do I am terrified. I don't do well with messes in my own home, created by me so this is always a challenge. What kind of civilized society allows their public restrooms to look the way ours do?

You have the obvious racist and sexist graffiti to get things kick started as visual number 1. Then you have what can only be described as a metric "F" ton of filthy paper towels piled high in the corner of the room. There is the bathroom mirror that if not smashed out, has a finger print smear made of either blood or feces. Finally, to really bring the mood home the unmistakable array of smells. It's like a montage of all your worst fears are flying through the air in the form of smell.

I am in fear from the moment I first touch the handle to walk in until I have showered later that day. It's a crippling experience for anyone like me and I do not even consider myself a germaphobe. Just terrible.

The worst bathroom I was ever in was a Chevron station in New Jersey. If it's still there, avoid it. I am convinced it is the gateway to hell. I can only describe it as what you might imagine a pleasant dream would be for Charles Manson. CHEF, DOES NOT RECOMMEND.

If you are wondering about the different fears associated with the fear of using public restrooms, you can read more about them at

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