This is devastating news about one of the nicest local legends in broadcasting.

We received confirmation from the Connecticut State Police this morning that a double fatal accident that occurred just after 2 PM yesterday on Sherman Hill Road (RT. 64) in the town of Woodbury has claimed the wife of EPSN television broadcaster, Chris Berman.

Credit-Getty Images
Credit-Getty Images

According to Trooper Joel Portorreal of the CT State Police Troop L, Edward Bertulis, 87, of Waterbury, and Katherine Berman, 67, of Cheshire, were both fatally injured after their vehicles collided near the intersection of Sherman Hill Road and Tuttle Road in Woodbury.

Trooper Portorreal concluded in his accident summary that Bertulis pulled out Eastbound onto Sherman Hill, and Berman struck Bertulis from the rear, causing a massive accident that resulted in their deaths.

I can personally attest to the danger of this particular intersection, which is just up the road from where popular food truck-turned-restaurant El Camion is located. I can't tell you how many times I've been driving 50 MPH eastbound up Sherman Hill, and have had to slam on my brakes and swerve to avoid an elderly driver slowly trying to cross Rt. 64 along that stretch.

I have seen many law enforcement vehicles along Sherman Hill over the years, picking speeders off like fish in a barrel. I've learned my lesson after so many near-miss accidents. Horrible news for two families in our area this morning.

I do not know Mr. Berman personally, but a lot of my fellow broadcasting friends do, and every single one of them describe him as a consummate professional, and all-around great guy. My thoughts and prayers go out this morning to the Berman and Bertulis families.

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