One thing that's great about Connecticut summers is our easy access to the water. We have lakes, the ocean, and rivers. We have access to multiple beaches and we have the best lake right in our backyard.

It's common here for people to spend their summer days out on their boats and jet skis, but if you aren't a lucky owner of a boat, it's not as simple to jump on the water and go for a ride. There are alternatives like renting a boat for the day from one of the marinas, but if you don't want to go to that extent, there are other ways to get thrown into the water as well.

I wanted to bring up a little PSA incase people didn't know this was an option. Right in New Hartford, you have the opportunity to go tubing along the Farmington River. Now it's not necessarily a leisure stroll along a lazy river, some parts of it may be rough and the current may be strong, but it's all in the fun of going.

Here is a little infomercial about it:

You will tube for about 3 miles and hit sets of thrilling rapids along your journey. Their website has strict rules about what you can and can not bring, the danger this can bring, and all of the rules you need to know before hopping on a tube. They have signs at the entrance as well as on their website that say if you can not swim, do not go. You can drown and you can get hurt.

If you plan on going along this journey, check the website daily for weather conditions. If the weather is bad, they will be closed for that day. The cost to go is $30 per person cash only. Your life jacket and tube is included in that price.

When looking at the videos, it looks like such a great time. I feel like this can be an extremely fun summer activity to do with your friends. I had a friend do it and she said it was so much fun. Looks like I need to make the treck and try it out for myself.

For the website and all of the information, you can see it here.

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