It is the official or unofficial marijuana holiday, depending who you are and what you are willing to admit.

It's a day when the world slows down just a little bit and takes in a substance that is still illegal for recreational purposes in most states. I don't know the origin or care about it, for that matter. I can tell you that I looked up some famous rock star marijuana busts from years gone past and here is what I found on Uproxx:

  • Willie Nelson was busted in Texas back in 2006 with a reported 1.5 lbs of marijuana. Most people know that that amount is a big problem and represents intent to distribute to police. So how did Willie get off with a misdemeanor charge? Everyone in his entourage claimed ownership over the weed and the amount was then divided among the group. Genius weed thinking right there.
  • In 1993, David Lee Roth was busted in NYC's Washington Square Park, trying to buy a nickel bag. Yep, a nickel bag. That is 5 dollars worth of weed. You used to be able to buy it in that amount, I remember. I don't think that those amounts are available on the streets anymore.
  • George Harrison and Patti Boyd had their home raided in March of 1969. The raid and eventual bust forced them to miss the wedding of Paul and Linda McCartney. Now that is a memorable wedding day.

Thankfully, being arrested for this is not a particular worry of mine. I did this as a young man and those days are over. I have found the stuff is just too strong these days. I was used to the seeds and twigs I used to get for my 5 dollar purchase.

Happy 4/20, everyone! Be sure and join me at Grassy Plain Vape and Smoke in Bethel, CT today from 2-4 PM for their 4/20 sale. Everything is 20% off.

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