Here's further proof you can buy and sell nearly anything online.

A piece of Connecticut history has been taken apart, deconstructed if you will, and is up for sale on the wildly popular online site eBay.

In a story from the childhood home of the woman that famously wrote the classic book Uncle Tom's Cabinis for sale. For sale in an odd way, it's been dismantled, and being offered for sale via eBay.

The Litchfield childhood home of Harriet Beecher Stowe has been listed for sale on the auction web site eBay. The home, listed by a Woodbury antiques dealer who has been trying to sell the house for quite awhile.

The house may linger, never being sold, but the history of the woman who lived there until she was 14 is incredible. Harriet Beecher, born in Litchfield Connecticut in 1811, went on to be a woman whose words stirred generations to come. Her famous anti - slavery book Uncle Tom's Cabin, while her most popular, was not her only offering. She penned over 30 books.

You'd have a gem on your hands if you won the bid though.The house is not only listed on Connecticut's Register of Historic Places, it was once a sanitarium, then a school dormitory, and folk singing legend, Pete Seeger, lived in the dorm from 1927 to 1929.

Interested? You can snatch it up, but you need to hurry. There are currently no bids with the listing price of 400-thousand-dollars, and the auction closes Monday Aug.14 at 11:24 a.m. according to eBay.

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