If you don't know about Miss BumBum, it's a competition in Brazil where the lady with the best rear end is the winner. It's that simple. This video will give you an idea of what the competition consists of. This clip is from 2012 and not a word of English is spoken. Some people may find the footage offensive. If you think you MIGHT be offended, don't watch it.

Up until now this competition was only open to Brazilians but things have changed. According to the Daily Mail organizers of Miss BumBum have launched a new contest called Miss BumBum World after being inundated with international submissions.

Anyone interested in competing for the crown of world's best "coolie" has until December 1st to enter. I tried to find out where you submit your entries but I was taken to a website that said my computer was in danger of viruses so enter at your own risk.



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