If you love game shows, and you’ve got a family that feuds, then we know of a YUGE opportunity for you.

Auditions are coming for the game show Family Feud. The game show’s website says they're holding auditions in New York City on October 21st through 22nd. They don’t always come around, so this is your chance to score a $20,000 payday and a new car from the show, not to mention jump up and down next to Steve Harvey.

Producers vary the location of the auditions, so you never really know when they’ll be back. Right now, we are one of only two locations in the country that they’re conducting these auditions, so we’re really lucky.

Family Feud’s website says you need five family members related by blood, marriage or legal adoption to audition. They recommended that applicants be 15 years or older. Word on the street has it (from my TV producer friends) that if you play the game well, and are excited about playing, you'll have a better chance of getting selected to be on the show.

Mr. Morning has the perfect family of five for this! I have the perfect dysfunctional family, so we won’t be auditioning. In the meantime, watch this hysterical mashup of Feud's funniest on YouTube.

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