Yes, the summer's end is fast approaching, but so is fair and festival season which will help soften the blow a bit.

Like many, it irks me when people start saying the summer is over as soon as it hits August 1st.  Technically that's only about halfway through!  The retail industry forces us to start thinking about "back to school" when it's still 90 degrees and we just want to buy some sunscreen and a new bikini.  Sadly, you'll have to check the clearance rack for that because they had to make room for the parkas.

Fair and festival season is a way to ease out of summer and into fall.  My favorites include the Bridgewater Country Fair (Aug 17-19), the Goshen Fair (Sept 1-3), and the Bethlehem Fair (Sept 7-9).  If you like candied apples, tractor pulls, country music and having lots of fun, then I encourage you to go too!

I'm planning on enjoying every last minute of summer, and also making time for that candied apple at a local fair.  Check out the fairs and festivals in your area and enjoy!


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