According to the Wall Street Journal Facebook is setting out to get into television. It's not the TV we used to know, like with a cable and a TV set but the TV we all have now. The kind that can appear on your smart TV and your phone or really anywhere you want.

They want in on what Netflix, Hulu and Amazon have done along with so many others. The word is they are in talks with Hollywood big wigs now and want to roll out some original content by summers end.

This is all well and good. I'm sure Facebook will probably even crank out a good original show or two but it's getting out of hand. I have basic cable, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. With all of that I still can't find anyone to talk to about my shows. People have so many options and so much TV that no one is watching the same stuff. Either people don't subscribe to the service you use or they have too many options to land on the same show you are watching.

By the way, Handmade's Tale on Hulu is so good. Watch it and when you are done with that watch GLOW on Netflix, it is also very good.


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