On January 9th, 2023, an amazing message was shared on I-84 in Danbury.

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The message was attached to a trailer and it read "F--- Putin." A short video of the truck driving through the Hat City was posted to Youtube and Instagram by @rescueresponder

Normally, I'd go with the Captain Obvious take and say things like, oh and Hitler is bad too! Or, isn't ice cream the best? But that is not fair because this short message lifted me up, it lifted us all up. Every one of us is better for having seen the words "F--- Putin" roll through our wonderful city.

By nature, Americans are tough and a bit boisterous, sometimes we need to get all of that out of our system. We need to puff our chests and roll like a peacock to remind each other how great this country is. This Vlad character has caused the world great suffering, fear and anxiety. We need to remember that our eternal battle against evil is the righteous path and we have each other's back. #F---Putin #MERICA

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Not only should we disrespect this man and curse his name but we should also make fun of him at every turn. That is what I call, Putin it in perspective.




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I heard Putin saw Avatar

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Never too old to learn

What drives the man?

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Eat it

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Photo: Aurora Photography
Photo: Aurora Photography

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