According to the NY Post, exiting Brewster High School students were using the "N-word" in a video that showed up on a website called Baller Alert. The students involved, according to the article, were graduating seniors. One student, who admits to be a part of it, says they were "intoxicated" when it was filmed.

That student had this to say in a tweet that was shared on the same site:

What this does to young black kids is heartbreaking. It seems like we can never win.”

The school, for its part, is investigating. The students involved in the incident were not named in the article, but one was quoted describing the mistake.The unidentified teen said:

One of the biggest I have ever made, not just because it has blown up and i’m paying for it, but because it has hurt people in my community and beyond.

I know this video looks like a couple of white kids throwing around harmful language because we’re entitled, but that’s not who we are. We are regular kids who messed up big time, and I truly am sorry for anyone that I have offended because again, that wasn’t my intention.

This kind of language is unacceptable. That is as plain as I can put it. There does, however, seem to be a sense of remorse on the part of at least one of the students.

I'm sure I sound like I am making excuses for kids from my hometown, and if you feel that way, I can understand. The kids were not named in the article and I can't tell from the video if I know them. Chances are pretty good, though, that I know at least someone they are related to.

I would caution people to take pause and think about when they were young. What if when we were young everything we did was recorded? We may not come out looking so great. It's not an excuse for their language, nor is being intoxicated, but I think it's worth thinking about.

Again, this is not cool at all. I don't hang with people who talk like that, and I never will. I do think, however, if they apologize and remove the "N-word" from their vocabulary, they are due a second chance.

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