For years, this tale was dismissed as an exaggerated urban legend. However, the truth eventually came to light, confirming the story as both genuine and remarkable.

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Dave Coulier's romantic involvement with Alanis Morissette not only surprised many but also served as the inspiration for some of the rawest lyrics on Morissette's 1995 hit album "Jagged Little Pill."

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Since Coulier admitted to being the man behind the story, he's been repeatedly questioned about their relationship. When I found out we were interviewing him on the I-95 Morning Show on Thursday (3/14/24), I decided to lessen the focus on this particular topic. This didn't mean I wouldn't bring it up; rather, I aimed to avoid making it the centerpiece of our discussion.

I wondered what more there was to uncover about this narrative. Then, when I finally posed the question, a new detail emerged: a Connecticut hockey legend played a role in bringing Coulier and Morissette together.

Lou: I apologize, I know you have answered this question many times over but can you tell our listeners about your relationship with Alanis Morrissette?

Coulier: "Yeah, this happened so long ago. I was playing in a Heroes of Hockey game in Montreal and Alanis came out. I was standing on the blue line, I was actually standing next to Gordie Howe who played for the Hartford Whalers and Alanis came out, she sang the American and the Canadian national anthems. She came out and gave me this huge smile and Gordie said did you see that? I said yeah, I wish I wasn't wearing a cup right now. That is the actual line I said to Gordie, he laughed and said, well you can lay down on the ice and that will go away. Then I thought, wow my legendary hall-of-fame friend Gordie Howe just cracks me up, this is great. So, after the game I actually got food poisoning and I slept in my room for the next 36 hours. I was checking out of the hotel and Alanis came up to me and said hey, where have you been all weekend? I said your not going to believe it but I got food poisoning, I've been stuck in my room. She said, well do you want to grab something to eat? We did and we ended up dating for almost a couple of years. You know I was a single dad with a two and a half year old son and I just thought, I really have to spend my time with this kid and not be in a relationship and we broke it off. She's an incredible human being, she's wonderful. I don't know where that theater reference came from, I mean you do that popcorn cup trick one time and it haunts you the rest of your life I guess."

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Lou: So it is true? Jagged Little Pill is pretty much about you?

Coulier: "I will never say that but there are a lot of references in those songs that were kind of personal but, yeah, extraordinary person, she's pretty amazing."

I thought I had heard it all until I learned Gordie Howe told Uncle Joey to ice his privates to avoid embarrassment in front of Alanis Morrissette.

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Our talk with Dave Coulier was really interesting. We bounced around and hit a ton of topics like Lori Loughlin on Curb Your Enthusiasm, the John Stamos autobiography, the state of standup comedy and Coulier's many voiceover gigs. Check out the full interview below.

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