Don't be overly concerned if you see a helicopter flying around your neighborhood, it's probably just Eversource doing an aerial inspection.

A few weeks ago, there were helicopters buzzing all over the area, and we found out it was the army using Danbury Airport for practice maneuvers.

Don't be surprised if you see another helicopter overhead in your neighborhood during the next few weeks. This time, it's not the army, it's Eversource.

The utility company will be doing infrared aerial inspections of high voltage electrical equipment throughout the state. These semi-annual inspections are an integral part of the company's ongoing commitment to providing the best service for their customers.

They will be using a helicopter with heat sensing, infrared scanning technology that is capable of detecting potential equipment issues before they occur.

The aerial inspections start today, Friday, February 14, and will continue until Friday, February 28. The inspections will only happen during the day from 8 AM until 4 PM, weather permitting.

Just so you know, the Eversource helicopter is blue and silver, and the tail number is N1431W.

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